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FC DENVER FALL 2015: 08/23 Games

August 24th, 2015



A new season is upon us. What a beautiful sight! After winning the Men’s state cup this summer, we have aspirations to continue that success heading into the fall and the first weekend of games didn’t disappoint. Three of our four teams were in action. Here’s what happened:

Game of the weekend:
PREMIER vs Rovers
Premier won 1-0 over Rovers with an 80th minute goal by Vitor Bravo. It was a solid team performance and our boys took their chance to get all 3 points.

UNITED vs Sporting Premier
United tied 2-2. A good result for a new group learning to play together. United went down early, battled back and almost put the game away, and settled for the tie. Tyler Imbrogno scored both goals.
MASTERS game was postponed (no game yesterday)
LEGENDS vs Rush Brokers
Legends won 6-0. A new and younger Legends team took the field and demolished an 11-man Rush Brokers team. Impressive start to the season. All six goals scored by different players. Game MVP was Jose Chavez with a one goal and 3 assist game.
All four squads are in action next weekend. Look for updates here on the Green Army Blog all season long.

FC Denver: #1 Passion

April 30th, 2015

: Eric Fulton

What goes into creating a Championship-winning Adult Soccer Team (in Denver Colorado)? That is the question.

From our experience, it’s:

1. Passion
2. Skill
3. Execution
4. Preparation
5. Belief

~SKILL is THE deciding game factor (after variables like comparative levels of fitness & team cohesion are included). To be precise, it’s a balancing act of all the above, but skill most often decides games when other factors are comparable.
~We put PASSION first on our list for a reason. Because… without it, FC Denver doesn’t exist. Without it, players/coaches/leadership don’t have the requisite desire to do all the consistent small things it takes to be a champion, which makes it’s unlikely it’ll happen.

~EXECUTION is getting it done right. Being purposeful and exacting.
~PREPARATION provides the platform to do everything else.
~BELIEF makes the difference in tight and testing situations.


This is just our point of view, highly based on our specific experience within the lense of adult-amatuer Denver soccer. Passion is what keeps this thing ticking. It keeps recruiting going and keeps teams energized and organized.

Passion, like any motivating factor, can ebb and flow over time. Passion is unique though as it can’t be forced into being. It needs to occur naturally to be authentic.  We are fortunate to call soccer our passion. We do it to better ourselves and to live out our athletic dreams, whether those be winning state/regional/national championships or just simply continuing to lace them up to play the game we love.


We do it because we love it.



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