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FC Denver: #1 Passion

April 30th, 2015

: Eric Fulton

What goes into creating a Championship-winning Adult Soccer Team (in Denver Colorado)? That is the question.

From our experience, it’s:

1. Passion
2. Skill
3. Execution
4. Preparation
5. Belief

~SKILL is THE deciding game factor (after variables like comparative levels of fitness & team cohesion are included). To be precise, it’s a balancing act of all the above, but skill most often decides games when other factors are comparable.
~We put PASSION first on our list for a reason. Because… without it, FC Denver doesn’t exist. Without it, players/coaches/leadership don’t have the requisite desire to do all the consistent small things it takes to be a champion, which makes it’s unlikely it’ll happen.

~EXECUTION is getting it done right. Being purposeful and exacting.
~PREPARATION provides the platform to do everything else.
~BELIEF makes the difference in tight and testing situations.


This is just our point of view, highly based on our specific experience within the lense of adult-amatuer Denver soccer. Passion is what keeps this thing ticking. It keeps recruiting going and keeps teams energized and organized.

Passion, like any motivating factor, can ebb and flow over time. Passion is unique though as it can’t be forced into being. It needs to occur naturally to be authentic.  We are fortunate to call soccer our passion. We do it to better ourselves and to live out our athletic dreams, whether those be winning state/regional/national championships or just simply continuing to lace them up to play the game we love.


We do it because we love it.


We’re 9 Years Old!

March 26th, 2015


Written by: Eric Fulton

FC Denver was founded in Winter of 2005/2006 to create a competitive environment for players to  continue to push themselves to be the best players they can be. In March 2006, we took the field as FC Denver for the very first time on a windy day at the Schaefer Athletic Complex in the now-defunct Comets Soccer League. We lost 3-0 on that first runout, but gradually started to lay the foundation of what you see today; a multi-team powerhouse of an adult soccer club with a rich history and over 100 current active members.


We still breathe that same desire to compete, excel and improve. We push ourselves at weekly practices and revel in the opportunity to perform each weekend gameday. It’s a labor of love as each of the pay league dues to make this a reality and must prioritize practices and games amongst their busy life schedules; while the team coaches show up week-in and week-out as volunteers to help move their team (and the club as a whole) forward. At times, it can be tiring (when life off the field is extra-busy or when the on-field results aren’t going your way), but 90+% of the time, it’s just fun watching, coaching, playing, and promoting the game we love.

We’ve come a long way and have championships and memories to show for it, but for us, it’s always forward looking and thinking. How can we perform to our highest level in our next match, how can we best support our teams and players, how can we continue to build a strong following of support in Colorado and beyond. This makes me think that our next 9, might be even better than the past nine.

Here’s to a kick-ass party tomorrow night at the Ginn Mill in celebration!



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