2018/2022 WORLD CUP HOSTS: Russia & Qatar

2022 World Cup Hosts
2022 World Cup Hosts

Written/Compiled by: Eric Fulton

Was it legacy, a scandal, or both?

How and why did these seemingly darkhorse bids to host the FIFA World Cup (Qatar, in particular) win the right to host the worlds largest sporting event? That is the question that officials and the average layperson around the world, and in England and the USA specifically, as respective host favorites are asking themselves today.

A glance into the realm of Twitter and Facebook this morning display the anguish, frustration, and contempt that many have with FIFA and the WC bidding process . While terms such as corruption, bribes, and idiocy are flying around the blogosphere, we’ll take a second to get acquainted with the idea of our two new World Cup host countries.


  • Qatar is the smallest country ever, geographically, to  host the World Cup, while Russia is the biggest.
  • The USA had 1.2 million people sign the US Bid petition, while Qatar’s total population is 1.7 million.
  • Qatar is currently ranked 113th in FIFA’s international team rankings.
  • Qatar has the highest per-capita co2 emissions for the last 18 years, largely b/c of air conditioning
  • Average Daytime Temperature in Qatar for the Months of June through August (World Cup schedule) is 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Qatar his scheduled to build 12 domed and air-conditioned stadia for the World Cup.
  • FIFA final round voting for the 2018 world Cup was as follows: Russia with 13 votes, Spain/Portugal with 7 votes, and Netherlands/Belgium with 2 votes.
  • FIFA final round of voting for the 2022 world cup was between the US and Qatar with Qatar receiving 14 votes and the USA with 8 votes
  • Among the 2018 European World Cup bid counties, Russia has the least developed soccer economy



US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati says in post-bid result interview: “(it’s) too early to think about a 2026 bid.”


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2 thoughts on “2018/2022 WORLD CUP HOSTS: Russia & Qatar”

  1. After making peace with the fact that the US is not hosting the 2022 World Cup, I realized that the World Cup in Qatar isn’t such a bad thing. Personally, I was more upset about the US losing than Qatar winning.

    Opening the doors to the Middle East and using soccer for the betterment of that region is absolutely fantastic. Here in the US, we understand the power that a World Cup has to change the soccer culture in a country. I think it will work wonders for Qatar and the Middle East as a whole.

    One of the most telling occurrences after they announced Qatar as the winner wasn’t the outrage; but the fact that most people had no clue what or where Qatar was. I think this event will open up people’s minds about the Middle East.

    I’m not going to say that there wasn’t corruption and that the US wouldn’t be a far better choice economically speaking. But I think a lot of good will come from this World Cup. I think the only downside is that it is 12 years away. I wish it were sooner.

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