We want in. We want the opportunity to play in the 101st edition of the US Open Cup (thecup.us). To reach our potential; to play in the top echelon of American competitive Soccer. The only issue thusfar is that, we haven’t qualified yet.

We won the 2013 Colorado State Cup this past July (2013). It was a historic weekend for us. The USSSA National Cup was originally scheduled soon thereafter in September in Denver. We were confident, fit, focused, and prepared only for the tournament to get postponed. The tournament date was pushed from Denver in September 2013 to KC in March 2014. Here we are. Our goal remains the same… to be USSSA National Champions and play in the US Open Cup.

2013-14 USSSA National Cup
March 14-16, 2014
Overland Park, Kansas

Follow our Nationals Weekend:

Going into the tournament, Colorado may have the most competitive league (caslsoccer.net) in nationwide USSSA competition. All four qualified Colorado sides are attending (FC Denver, Sporting/Azteca Mojo’s, Colorado Rovers, Colorado Sporting) to compete against teams from other states/regions.   We’re all early in our Spring outdoor preparations here in Colorado which makes getting up to form and fitness a bigger proposition. We’re renting the facilities, hosting the practices, and keeping the focus required to give ourselves the best shot at winning this. Please support us in this quest!

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