Meet the Player: Shane Mueller (D)


Welcome back to the Green Army ‘Meet the Player’ series. We introduce who we are, where we come from, and why we play.

Shane Mueller is FC Denver.

Shane has been a leader and positive force for FC Denver United since 2010. He had a scary accident last spring, which he details below, which kept him out for a year, only to come back as strong as ever this season. It is a true testament to his character.

I AM: Shane Mueller
DOB: 3/26/1985
HOMETOWN: Highlands Ranch, CO
WHERE PLAYED: Colorado club soccer (DC Blast, Colorado Storm) Gordon College, FC Denver
CAREER STORY/HIGHLIGHT: Always enjoyed the competitiveness and camaraderie that the game of soccer cultivates. One favorite memory includes making it to the NCAA national tournament my freshman year of college.
FC DENVER PLAYER(S): Too many to list. The great thing about this club is it attracts so many great guys. I have always enjoyed having Tyler Whitesides barking out orders from the goal over the years.
FC DENVER MEMORY: Probably not when this happened last spring (Spring 2013):
photo (4)
But……. this has allowed for the great memory of returning back to soccer after being laid up for a year. I appreciate the game more now than ever. I also have enjoyed playing in the championship game at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park with FC Denver United. But what I love most is beating up on the Premier team on Thursday nights.
SOMETHING  ABOUT ME: My wife and I our expecting our first baby this fall. 
NON-SOCCER HOBBIES: Anything that gets me outside, backpacking, rock climbing, camping. Backgammon is another favorite past time.
#WhyIPlay: I love pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I love being on a United team that can hang with the best teams in the state on any given day. There is nothing more satisfying than shutting down an opponent for 90 minutes.