New Year, New Season, New Opportunities

Welcome 2015!


Write this down, FC Denver is going to have a memorable year. After a much-deserved rest during the winter off-season, we are more prepared than ever for success on and off the field for the upcoming year. We’ve got a new season and new opportunities ahead of us. What’s in store? Well, take a look:

Our 9th anniversary is two short months away. This is always a terrific time to take stock of how far we’ve come. We’re almost a decade old and our passion to play and support the game has never been stronger. Look forward to a big anniversary coming to the Ginn Mill here soon!

Our Spring tryouts are a few short weeks away. This is the time to find new talent to bring into the club. Denver is a popular place these days, so there are talented players that are both new and have been in the city, it’s just about finding them and letting them know about the organization, competitiveness, and talent we produce.

We’ve got big plans in store for Summer Tournaments including the Silver Mug Invitational in Las Vegas and the winning back the Colorado State Cup. Plenty of great games ahead to be played, in both league and tournament formats.

There’s always plenty of excitement in the world of Colorado and US Soccer. The Rapids are regrouping for a great MLS season ahead, the USMNT has the Gold Cup and many exciting friendlies ahead. All in all, even considering it’s the year AFTER the World Cup, there’s plenty of excitement about soccer in our area and country as a whole.


And we’ve got the best group of players, coaches, and sponsors around! A special thanks to our Sponsors; The Ginn Mill, Boone’s Tavern, Karmaceuticals, Colorado’s Finest Real Estate, and a BRAND NEW SPONSOR to be announced soon. We are definitely blessed with a strong community of players and support.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead.