We are excited to announce that GSSG Solar, a full-service Solar Asset Investing and Advising company. is coming on board as an FC Denver Sponsor.

Club President Eric Fulton states, “(a)dding GSSG Solar, a thriving organization with similar community and societal ideals as our own, into our family of sponsors allows us to continue to grow our club in very impactful ways. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and greatly appreciate the support.”

We are grateful to Charlie McDaniel, an FC Denver Legends player, and a Director at GSSG Solar for helping make this partnership come to fruition. As such, GSSG Solar will be the new FC Denver Legends Jersey Sponsor on both the home and away jerseys for the upcoming year. They’ll proudly sport these as they begin their Fall campaign for their 1st Over-30 title this weekend!

In addition to the jersey sponsorship, by joining forces with GSSG Solar, we also serendipitously gain a new ‘sibling’ team in Toyko called “Pumas FC Tokyo” which are also sponsored by GSSG Solar. An international GSSG Solar fixture must be organized!

If you are looking for a financially wise and environmentally sound solar investment opportunity, please reach out to Charlie or the team at GSSG Solar at: info@gssgsolar.com.

Information about GSSG Solar:

GSSG Solar is a full-service solar investment manager. Our investment vehicles are designed to generate capital appreciation through direct investments in select solar projects worldwide. Our committed investors include family offices, institutions, and individuals.

We evaluate the technical, financial, and execution risks of each potential investment and pursue structures that rely on alignment and collaboration with our development partners and project stakeholders. Our primary markets include Japan and the United States; however, we review and evaluate solar markets worldwide where our model and expertise will catalyze additional renewable energy infrastructure projects.

More information can be found at: http://gssgsolar.com/