WE DID IT! Now we need your help!

Please donate to our Open Cup Travel Fund at: http://fcdenver.org/index.php/donate/

Today, we kickoff our ‘6 Weeks to 6K’ Fundraising Campaign. We hope you will consider donating to our Open Cup travel expenses fund. You can donate here: DONATE or if you have other questions or comments, you can fill out our community contact form here: CONTACT.

Our story:
After 11 years of toiling away in lower division obscurity (Helpful Guide; ‘Toiling Away’ = having fun and making memories – ‘Lower Division Obscurity’ = winning a whole bunch against strong Colorado amateur competition), we qualified for the 2018 US Open Cup this past fall. All jokes aside, it takes a ton of volunteer energy, commitment, and moxie to do this. With no big money backers or youth club propelling us, it’s been all grit and an undying love for the players and the game that have carried us to this point.

WE DID IT! We qualified the biggest tournament possible for an American amateur soccer team. But… Now what?

We didn’t get this far to simply add 2018 Open Cup qualification as a notch in our achievement roll call. No, we got here because of our desire to be the best we can be and to represent ourselves, our club, and our city, at the highest level possible. That’s been our founding mission since day one. To fulfill this and to be properly prepared for this opportunity, we need to ‘up’ our competitive training and acquire funding to support our upcoming Open Cup travel expenses (not cheap).

We’ve been taking the competition part of the equation with our off-season winter training, futsal sessions, and multiple upcoming friendlies planned against collegiate (Metro) and pro teams (St Louis FC). It’s the financial aspect where we need your help. We run a pretty tight financial operation because we believe wholeheartedly in sustainability. And since we fund over two-thirds of all of our sporting endeavors ourselves through player dues (remainder is through sponsorships), we knew we needed help from our community to make this happen.

We are currently are planning expenditures for the first three rounds of Open Cup. It’s a single-elimination tournament, so no promises we any get further than Round 1 (we won’t be favored to do so), but we’ve got our sights set high. We estimate $6,000 of expenses per round (out-of-state matches can be anywhere from $4500-$10,000 in travel and lodging expenditures depending on where we are drawn to play (we wont know where we are drawn to play until April)).

The players are chipping in to cover the costs of at least one round of travel. Over three rounds, we expect to have one Colorado opponent (the two possible candidates being our Colorado Premier League brethren Azteca FC or USL-side Colorado Springs Switchbacks), so that match will be very affordable comparably. This means, we are looking to raise the final $6,000 to complete our goal. We’re working all the angles with fundraisers and business sponsorships to help us fulfill this final amount, but we realize that a good portion of this final $6K will come through individual donors like you believing in what we are doing.

So whether you can help with a small or large donation, we hope you will donate to help our hard-working group of soccer players continue to represent us at the highest level possible. And THANK YOU!

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