Master game review by: Kurt FitzRoy

Using the song title from the band Limp Bizkit sums up perfectly The FC Denver Masters two games, “Rollin”. Led once again by a stifling defence and a methodical offense, The Masters won by a 2-0 score. The final tally may indicate a much closer game but that would not be the case, the end results was never in doubt. Both goals coming from Trent Lind, one via a PK and the other from the field. With a combined goal differential of 13-0 from the last two games, The Masters “Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin Yea”.

Man of the Match: Trent Lind

Scored both goals and was unlucky not to get several more with his great positioning and tireless work ethic.



As we approach the kickoff of the Spring 2010 Adult outdoor season, I have done a brief overview and made some predictions for the upcoming Denver-based CASL (Colorado Amateur Soccer League – caslsoccer.net) for the 1st and 2nd divisions. Although there are teams throughout the state that can compete against the the CASL D1 teams (and do so in regional tourneys, etc), this league has the best quality throughout the division as any in the state.

CASL Division 1 – Colorado Amateur Soccer League

10 Teams:

FC Denver Premier; Guadalajara Chivas; Colorado Sporting; Real Colorado; X-Jesuits; Colorado Rush; Saprisa Sabio; FC Pars America; Aguilas; Broomfield Rovers

My Top 4 Prediction:

1) FC Denver Premier – Our up and coming squad has improved season on season for each season for the past several seasons and is ready to compete for the top spot in the top division in Colorado Amateur Soccer. When all players are present, might be the division favorites going into the season. Of course, I am a little biased.

2) Colorado Rush – Always one of the most talented squads in the league. A lot depends on their ability to get their players, which are all busy youth coaches, consistently to the games and playing on the same page. When they do, they are tough for any team to stop.

3) Real Colorado – This was the surprise team on the Fall 2009 Season. This team overhauled it roster with a core of U-18/U-19 Real players, which brought the this team, that was regularly at the bottom of the table, into contention for the title.They didn’t have any stars, but played a disiplined style and eeaked out victory after victory. Now, are they going to come back as good this season or was it a one-time thing where they were able to catch some teams slippin’? We’ll find out, but their ending position last season gets them a spot in this top four prediction.

4) Colorado Sporting – Although the word is that the group has gone through an off-season of dissension and drama, you can never count out the Sporting Team. Consistent league contenders with a plethora of talent. Might be a stretch to put them in the top 4 this season, but there here based on their history of success and ability to maintain top players.

Don’t Count Them Out (2 teams):

Guadalajara Chivas – You never know what you are going to get with this Chivas side. Sometimes, all of their players are present and in-form and they are the best team in the league. When they play their neat and stylish possession game, they give headaches to any team in the league. Other times, they are without several players or seem to be lacking in focus and can get beat b most 1sst division teams. That said, never count an in-form Chivas team out.

Broomfield Rovers – This team which had been tearing up the league for the 2 previous season, hit a major wall last season and fell towards the middle of the pack. Who knows if that was an anomaly in their continued growth or if they lost some critical players which were the basis of their rise in the standings. Only time will tell.

CASL Division 2- Colorado Amateur Soccer League

8 Teams:

FC Denver United; Colorado Sporting Select; Tana; Sefton FC, FC Verdi; TASC; GBFC; Mile High Arsenal

My Top 3 Prediction. I would do a top 4, but I believe this league is going to be a 3 team race:

1) FC Denver United/Reserve – By far, the most talented non-premier FC Denver team ever. Plenty of talent and depth. The important aspects for this team to pull off the championship this season is the teams ability to pull it’s defense together into a tight unit.

2) FC Verdi – The Former FC Denver Green Team has renamed itself and means business. They are the D2 pre-season division favorites based on their successes in the past few season and in their indoor league. Their game against the FC United team in mid-season will go along way in deciding the league champion.

3) Colorado Sporting Select – A usual D2 Contender. Hasn’t been quite the same team this past couple of seasons as they were in the past but still were able to find a way to win and finish strong last season. Unless they have recruited heavily, I don’t think it’s likely that they will seriously challenge the top 2 teams in division.