4/2/2017 Weekend Rewind

We only had one game yesterday, but it was memorable. Premier played Rush in a game with several state/league subplots swirling around the match.

We came out flat. Rush pressed well in midfield and we lacked sharpness to work the ball through their pressure. On two set plays and one poor defensive turnover near the box, we caught some bad bounces and didn’t show the commitment necessary and found ourselves quickly down 3-0 around the 35th minute. While Rush was competitive, we felt like the scoreline was self-imposed.

We caught a lifeline when Jonny Sawyer finished a breakaway in the 43rd minute to close the deficit to 3-1 going into half. At half, Coach Elbin adjusted several things and we came out the second half a different team. Confident and committed. The full press worked wonders as Rush was unable to play out of the back and was stuck in their end for large swaths of the 2nd half. The comeback was in full gear when Jeremy Sampson took a terrific shot just outside of the box that went off the crossbar and in around the 55th minute to bring us back to within one (3-2). Around 15 minutes later, a Cory Schmeling volley hit the post and ricocheted in to tie the game up at 3-3. Around this time, Rush managed a couple of counters that could have been dangerous but ultimately didn’t lead to much. And with less than 5 minutes on the clock, Kyle Crouse got the ball near the top of the box, cut back to evade two defenders and coolly slotted the ball (on weaker foot) into the side-netting for the 4-3 win.

Incredible team belief and fortitude to come back for the win. Post-game beers were in order.

Since we’re a few weeks into our season, it’s time to post our initial Spring 2017 Golden Boot Standings (Goals, Player, Team).

4 Gary Stom -Masters
2 Vitor Bravo -Premier
2 Jeremy Sampson -Premier
2 Jonny Sawyer -Premier
2 Kyle Crouse -Premier/United
2 Alan Pantaleon -United
2 Scott Brooks -Masters
2 John Riggs -Masters
2 Jin Tsuchiya -Legends
2 Pascal Wagner -Legends

PLAYOFFS: 20-4-1



UNITED: 6-0 +33GD (WTF)
MASTERS: 6-0 + 21GD
LEGENDS: 4-2-1 +5GD

Our Fall 2016 FC Denver standings are unbeatable. And one of those losses was to ourselves (Masters v Legends). Literally, nobody is doing what we are doing at the level we’re doing it at.

We don’t win every Open D1 or O30 D1 Championship, but nobody does. What we do, as a 100+ member club, is bring the level of Colorado adult amatuer soccer to a higher level through our focused effort, talent, community, and persistence.


This season is special. Premier and Masters continue to set the stage for what we can become. Consistently competing for top honors as standard-bearers of FC Denver. And how about about this United squad. While there are a couple of squads in consideration, this has to be the top United squad in the 6 years that a United squad has existed. Undefeated and absolutely dangerous heading into the playoffs. And Legends has taken that next step. From a burgeoning O30 D2 powerhouse, to D1 contender, all within one season. Well played.

Some teams can put together a solid team, for a season or two. Some teams can win championships and then continue to remain relevant. We’re working to put together a championship-level club, from front to back, building season upon season that has the spirit, passion, and character that Denver can be proud of.


Playoffs await with bigger dreams. Year-long prized goals and championship opportunities. These are our favorite games. When it’s all on the line, our family and friends are around watching, and we have the chance to be memorable. Here we go.

See you at the fields as we continue to build.

Eric Fulton
FC Denver