The Premier team suffered its second loss of the season against a very good America side. The final score was 5-2, but they were definitely not 3 goals better than us. Langston scored a booming 45 yard strike over the goalie’s head to put us on the board. Langston also slipped in Raph for his 3rd goal of the season. The premier team was guilty of making mistakes on both sides of the ball. The offense missed several chances to get us back in the game, and their attackers were able to capitalize on a few defensive lapses. Nonetheless we kept our spirits up and played valiantly for the full 90. I’ve always believed that it isn’t about whether or not you make a mistake, but how you react to it that really matters. Our team reacted in the best manner possible, we never put our head down and pushed forward.

The Green team tied CO Sporting Select 4-4 in hard fought and dramatic game. Full match report with pictures will be posted later.

The FC Denver White team lost 6-0 this Sunday. It was a strongly contested midfield battle. They played a quick Chivas team that got the drop on them early and raced out to a 4-0 lead at halftime. The White squad fought really hard in the second half, but couldn’t find the back of the net. There was some fantastic play from midfield by Drew, Roy and Todd. Our forwards fought valiantly as well, and Max and Kemar came close on numerious occassions. The FC Denver White squad has a had to deal with some tough growing pains, but are really starting to come together as a squad and show a lot of promise! We look forward to good things from them and for them to finish the season strong!

The Masters team, beat one of the top teams in their league this Sunday.

The Women did not have a chance to play this weekend, but be sure to get out and support them at their next match. They are very talented and fun players to watch play.


PREMIER = Dicks #19 @ 3pm

MASTERS = Dicks #7 @ 1pm

WHITE = Broomfield Commons @ 9am.

GREEN = Dicks #19 @ 11am.

Women = TBD


Sorry for the late updates, but here is how the weekend went for FC Denver.

Green Team suffered their first lose of the season, falling 5-3 to Sefton FC.  Full game report to follow.

The White Team led by the Ninja Assasin, fell to a very good Rush team.

The premier team tied 3-3 against a solid Ex-Jesuits team.  In every game so far, the Premier team has improved but has yet to find their first win of the season.  The premier team out hustled and, for portions, out played their opponents who are a CASL powerhouse.  Dustin came up big with 2 assists.  Slipping the ball through for Chris early in the game to put us up 1-0.  We were down 2-1 in the last minute of the first half, when a well placed corner kick met the head (or shoulder) of stopper Matt Kasck to tie it up 2-2.  Dustin again showed his vision, when he played in JC to put us up 3-2.  We gave up a goal a few minutes later, but JC, active all day on the flank, saw our best chance in the dying minutes get deflected over the cross bar.  Newcomers Eddie and Marinko(SP??) made their debut for the Premier team.  Both made a great impact on the team.

Masters Team????? Word on the street is that the old fogies lost, but were short handed.

In the big news for the weekend our Two Women’s teams facing off head to head in the first ever Women’s Green v. White game. The game was a blast by all accounts. Our Green team had a dominant first half and the White team came back strong in the 2nd half to fall just short of the victorious Green team. They’ll play eachother again before the season ends, so we’ll all look forward to that.