PLAYOFFS: 20-4-1



UNITED: 6-0 +33GD (WTF)
MASTERS: 6-0 + 21GD
LEGENDS: 4-2-1 +5GD

Our Fall 2016 FC Denver standings are unbeatable. And one of those losses was to ourselves (Masters v Legends). Literally, nobody is doing what we are doing at the level we’re doing it at.

We don’t win every Open D1 or O30 D1 Championship, but nobody does. What we do, as a 100+ member club, is bring the level of Colorado adult amatuer soccer to a higher level through our focused effort, talent, community, and persistence.


This season is special. Premier and Masters continue to set the stage for what we can become. Consistently competing for top honors as standard-bearers of FC Denver. And how about about this United squad. While there are a couple of squads in consideration, this has to be the top United squad in the 6 years that a United squad has existed. Undefeated and absolutely dangerous heading into the playoffs. And Legends has taken that next step. From a burgeoning O30 D2 powerhouse, to D1 contender, all within one season. Well played.

Some teams can put together a solid team, for a season or two. Some teams can win championships and then continue to remain relevant. We’re working to put together a championship-level club, from front to back, building season upon season that has the spirit, passion, and character that Denver can be proud of.


Playoffs await with bigger dreams. Year-long prized goals and championship opportunities. These are our favorite games. When it’s all on the line, our family and friends are around watching, and we have the chance to be memorable. Here we go.

See you at the fields as we continue to build.

Eric Fulton
FC Denver

10 Days…


10 days until we begin the fall 2016 season. Until we write another chapter of FC Denver history. Every season is a new project with at least slightly different teammates as some players exit and new players are introduced. Anything can happen and with a clubs of high expectations such as ours, there’s plenty of work to be done to reach our expectations.

Here’s what each team is looking at as we prepare for our new campaigns:
After a second place finish in Spring League Play and a second place finish in State Cup, this hungry squad is aiming to get back on the top. We’ve had an extreme amount of success in our Fall seasons over the past 6 years as we’ve won five of those league titles (only loss was an OT loss 2 years ago). Add to this excitement, we’ll be playing in the US Open Cup qualifying tournament for the first time ever this Fall. his squad will be Premier-based and represents the biggest event we have done in our 10 year history. Drew Melin and Luke Elbin proudly lead the team into the season ahead.

Last season’s coach Brandon Best is back, but as a player this time around. Tyler Whitesides is taking up the United  coaching helm with a talented and deep roster ready to make a run at the league playoffs and beyond. Michael Moberg has been named team captain. The returning core of players that saw steady improvement towards the back end of last season is back with several new and exciting additions to the squad. Look out for United.
Masters, who won their first ever O30 State Championship over the summer, is hungry for League glory after coming up just short in the last few O30 championships matches. This squad leans on it’s experience heading into the season. Nic Wilson and Derek Moore lead the team and every member on the roster has played with the team previously

Legends, who had their best ever season this past Spring with an agonizingly close O30 D2 championship game loss, is back and prepared for the first season of a combined O30 division. While a few players have departed and a few new faces have joined, the core of this solid crew remains the same. Dan Wolka, Jin Tsuchiya, and Eric Fulton head up the squad.

10 days until it all begins. What history and memories will be made?