Meet the Player: Joel Miller (CB/SW)



Welcome to a new Green Army series we’re starting called ‘Meet the Player.” We want to  introduce who we are, where we come from, and why we play.

Joel Miller is FC Denver.

When other teams have nightmares about playing against FC Denver, they often imagine the monumental task of beating our tall and talented sweeper. From the beginning, Joel’s played his first FCD match in Spring 2009 where he spent a good 90 minutes running around saving club president, then CB, Eric Fulton ass in an important 2nd div match vs Colorado Sporting. It grew from there. Simply stated, Joel has a legacy here.  He happened to also bring along one of his best friend’s into the club, Jesse Woodworth, who has created an equally impressive legacy within our club. Together they’ve helped write a new chapter for FC Denver, one of championships and memories.

NAME: Joel Miller
DOB: August 13, 1985
POSITION: Central Defender
RECOGNIZE: FC Denver baller with 2010, 2011, and 2013 Premier MVP Awards. Goshen College Conference Defensive Player of the Year – 3 years
HIGHLIGHT: “Taking the college team on a run to nationals for the first time in 30 years… Senior year”
FCD PLAYER: “Gotta be my buddy Jesse Woodworth who I played with in college and youth soccer since we were 10 yrs old. FC Denver’s best under rated player. Also I have to mention the awesome back line guys over the years; Dave Kroening, Juan Gonzales, Curtis Greeley and Tom Marks among others.”
FC DENVER MEMORY: “Winning CASL D1 trophy a few years ago &  the after party that ensued. I mostly remember…. Dave and Brennan buying round after round of champagne to pour into the trophy.
SOMETHING ME: Most people don’t know that I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal for five years when I was a child.
MY TIME: All sorts of outdoor activities ( backpacking, biking, rafting). I probably spend the most amount of my time as a ceramic artist and potter.