Sometimes you win. You are the champion. It is fun/historic/momentous when you win. The other teams don’t happen to matter as much because… well, you are the champion.

Other times you lose. You are not the winner. You may experience upset, pride, frustration, understanding or a mix of all these seemingly disparate feelings. And there is often a distinct opportunity presented in these moments to continue to improve.

We did not win the 2013-14 USSSA National Cup. It will be another team (Colorado Rovers) playing in the 2014 US Open Cup this year as the USSSA representative. That said, there is a belief which I subscribe to which states that things don’t tend to happen by accident. It’s not that everything is pre-ordained necessarily, but that there is a reason that life is plays out how it does. In this case, there is a reason, however subtle, for us not winning the championship. Maybe it just wasn’t our time. Maybe it is a time for introspection. Maybe we weren’t as deserving. Or maybe none of those; one can’t be certain.

No matter the reason, you/I/we are only ever defined by what we do next and over a lifetime, that creates a legacy. We all strive to be the champion, but in a competitive sense, we can’t always be. What are you going to do when it isn’t your time? That’s what helps define what comes next.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


FC DENVER PREMIER - 2012 Las Vegas Silver Mug Invitational

It’s obvious, we play this game because we love it. The competition, the passion, the camaraderie. It’s an easy game to love, but we may be biased. We would play in Wash Park 14 v 14 pickup games or weeknight coed leagues if that’s all there was, but we happen to have a well-organized Denver football club with a young, but unmistakable tradition of success. In this vein, we play indoor and outdoor on a year-around basis not only to enjoy the game, but to be the very best we can be. To continue to strive for personal and club excellence.

This is what we are about.

Since our first ever game 8 years ago this month, we’ve been striving to improve our lot; to be our best. We worked for several seasons to win the second division in order to move up to the first division. We battled to “stay up” in the first division. We worked for many seasons to win the first division. We worked to be relevant in regional competitions. And ever since we learned that our national association champion would get a berth in the US Open Cup, we’ve committed all of our energy to getting there. We had to qualify by getting a top 4 seed in the Colorado State Cup, and we did better than that by winning the 2013 Colorado State Cup. And now, here we stand, just moments away from Nationals and a possible entry in the US Open Cup. This is our opportunity.

This is where we stand.

We completed an exciting but tiring PASL-Premier Semi-Pro Indoor season just over  three weeks ago and have quickly transitioned to full-field outdoor with 3+ practices a week. We dealt with winter weather cancellations and paid handsomely for the opportunity to train together at indoor and outdoor facilities. We organized preparatory scrimmages around scheduled times for our Spring season tryouts. And we are doing our damnedest to keep our momentum focused on the prize in front of us.  This is our model of continual growth. We not only accept this challenge with open arms, we seek it out.

This is #WhyWePlay. This is FC Denver.

Follow us online in our quest for a National Championship this weekend: Follow FC Denver in the 2014 USSSA National Cup