Written by Eric Fulton

Since we last spoke…  in PASL-Premier action, we played our newest and most-competitive rival Oskar Blues FC home and away and won both matches in thrilling fashion by one goal (6-5 and 3-2, respectively). We beat our neighbors, the Denver Dynamite (7-3), in the #DenverDerby, and lost an away game just this past weekend to an upstart Rocky Mountain Bighorns Squad (4-9). We stand in 2nd place with a 4-3 record on the season and are excited about the growth in competitiveness in the RMD of PASL-Premier. It’s good for everyone and good for Colorado Soccer.

We have one game to leave our mark for the 2013-14 season coming up this Sunday in a reverse fixture vs the same Rocky Mountain Bighorns team. We have revenge on our minds and want to provide out supporters with a great final match. Game is this Sunday February 16th at the Westminster Indoor Center (6051 West 95th Avenue  Westminster, CO 80031) at 4:30pm. Tickets are $6 at the door. It’s Youth Soccer Night so all kids 16 and under wearing their youth soccer jerseys get in for free! Kids 5 and under are always free.


We’re excited for SPRING!!! Not only to sunny days ahead but all of the competitive outdoor soccer that awaits us this year. We’ve got Tryouts coming up soon (Tentatively March 2/9th, although a formal announcement with details will be made soon).

The USSSA Nationals is coming up March 14-16, 2014 in Kansas City, KN. We qualified by winning the 2013 Colorado State Cup last July. The tourney was scheduled to be in Colorado last fall, but was moved until this spring instead. Winning this tournament is our biggest competitive goal of the year. We are going full steam ahead with plans to win the tournament and get the berth into the US Open Cup!

Spring; here we come!

FC DENVER: Our 2014 Ahead


Written by: Eric Fulton – Pictures by: Destiny Fernandez and Corbin Elliott Photography

Each year for the past several years, we’ve witnessed FC Denver’s development and maturation in Colorado soccer. This upcoming year is positioned to be a foundational year for creating a new type of soccer club, one in which we lay roots for generations to come. Our history of adult-amateur Denver soccer success has paved the way for us to look towards bigger horizons in 2014 and beyond.  We currently play semi-pro soccer in the PASL-Premier league and are looking to join a national outdoor league in the next 18 months. The preparation and outreach we do during these next 12 months will allow us to reach these goals.


The sport of Soccer has a unique history of impassioned support for teams from the fans in the boroughs and ‘burbs in which the club arises. We love our city and are proud to support it. In this vein, we are committed to tapping into this history to create a shared vision with our community of what FC Denver can become. This is bigger than any one person, player, or team, as it is about building something sustainable for generations that is woven into the fabric of our city. One that is recognizable as being from Denver.

Here is a short list of what we want to achieve this year:


  • To play in the US Open Cup as the USSSA Representative. We won State Cup this past year, which qualifies us for Nationals. To play in the prestigious US Open Cup, we need to win the USSSA National Cup in March. We are committed to doing just this.
  • To win the 2014 Colorado State Cup – Winning the tournament this past year was a major achievement and we are focused on making it two years in a row.
  • For our three other Outdoor Teams – United, Masters, and Women – to be as professionally organized and competitive in their respective divisions as possible. Each team should compete for local league honors in both Spring and Fall seasons.
  • To compete for the 2013-14 PASL-Premier Rocky Mountain Division Championship and be prepared for the 2014-15 season towards the later part of the year.


  • To raise the capital investment required in order to join a national outdoor semi-pro league in 2015.
  • To form the internal infrastructure required to operate a successful and sustainable semi-pro outdoor team in 2015 and beyond.
  • To work directly with the supporters culture in Colorado to develop a Club that lovers of the beatiful game in the area are proud to call their own.
  • To work directly with the City to form a long-term mutually-beneficial partnership.
  • To offer our players, both new and continued, top competitive opportunities to play the game they love.

That’s an exciting list of goals for our players and management. We want you, whether you are a player, a fan, or a soccer-lover in the community to be involved with what we are planning. We can and will create something special. Here’s to an amazing journey ahead.

And it all kicks off, competitively at least, with a MASSIVE game at home vs Defending PASL-Premier RMD Champions Colorado Blizzard on January 19th. Be there: http://goo.gl/njWICB

Thanks for reading and Happy New Years!