ANNOUNCEMENT: Olé Brazilian Soccer Bar becomes FC Denver Club Sponsor

Ole Logo Round

FC Denver is thrilled to announce our newest Club Sponsor, Olé Brazilian Pizzeria and Bar! Olé is a slick new soccer bar in town that serves up delicious pizza pies along with other Brazilian/Italian-inspired dining options. They have multiple TV’s for your viewing pleasure with a range of beers on tap and soccer jerseys adorning their exposed-brick walls. It is a terrific place to catch a game, grab a quick slice, or have a beer with friends. FC Denver is proud to represent and support this terrific addition to the Denver dining, imbibing, and soccer scene.

Olé is conveniently located just south of Downtown at 1043 Broadway Blvd, which is both central and makes for easy parking. They just started their Pizza Delivery service this past week (Menu and Number) and they excited to be getting their cabaret license soon which will allow them to have liquor and live music.

Olé will be a full club sponsor, meaning that all teams will have the Olé logo added to their FC Denver Jerseys and all teams can share in the fun of the events we will be at Olé. To kickoff our sponsorship, FC Denver is hosting two big upcoming events at Olé in the coming weeks. All of our players, friends, family, and community are welcome to attend.

Here’s the upcoming events:

– Tuesday September 10th – USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifying Viewing Party – 6pm: Join FC Denver and the greater Denver soccer community at Olé to cheer on your favorite national team (whichever they may be) in this heated North-American rivalry. Going to be a great way to kickoff our partnership.

– Friday September 20th – FC Denver Casino Bus Trip to Blawkhawk – Party @ Olé Starts at 6pm, Bus leaves at  7:15pm: We’re doing it again! Once or twice a year, we get our group of fun-loving players, friends, and family together and head up to Blackhawk for a night of fun, slots, and cards at the Reserve Casino. Cost is $20/person and that includes transportation to and from Blawkhawk and some free beer on the ride! We’ll be hitting happy hour @ Olé starting at 6pm and leaving from Olé at 7:15pm. Spots are limited so watch for details on how to sign up!

Be sure to like Olé on Facebook right now: and ‘check-in’ on Facebook when you visit  to support getting the word out about them as they support us in being the best Adult Soccer Club in Colorado.