FC Denver: Historic 2016 – Fall Ahead



Let’s take a look at how 2016 is progressing so far:

Spring …. √
We made it to the Spring finals in each of the three divisions we play in (Men’s D1 Open, Men’s O30 D1, Men’s O30 D2)! A major accomplishment and reinforces our status as the top club in Colorado. We also held our memorable 10th Anniversary party where we introduced our new logo and our inaugural board of directors.

Summer …. √
We participated in two tournaments (Boulder & State Cup) and entered two teams in State Cup. All three squads made it to their respective championship games and Masters won their O30 State Championship. The championship game streak continues!

NEXT UP: Fall!
Our Fall Tryouts are here. This Sunday July 31st and following Sunday August 7th to be exact. Interested players signup here: http://goo.gl/IUwcDt
If you look to be a good fit, we’ll reply via email with tryout details.

Fall is where we’ve had a majority of our title success with all five of our D1 league championships coming in the autumn, including last years Fall league title. Plenty of work ahead for us to get there, and it all starts this weekend. US Open Cup qualifying is on the horizon this Fall as well, so PLENTY to be HUNGRY for.

We are proud to represent Denver and look forward to another passionate soccer season on the pitch!

WEEKEND REWIND: 5/22 + Golden Boot

WOW! What a weekend! Here we go:


*PREMIER v Rovers Navy – Round of 16 Playoffs
Premier won 4-3 in OT. In a tighter match than expected saw us prevail with the winner scored by Mike Marten 3 minutes from time in the 2nd half of overtime. On to the quarterfinals (After Vegas next weekend)! Other goals from Gellman (2), and Miller.
*UNITED v Club Inka – Playoff Consolation Match
United won 2-1 by two goals from Terence Lenoir-Legros. The Inka team was hyped up for this game with a full bench and sideline of support. Rojo courageously jumped in net and after weathering a couple of early scares, we started to dictate play. Held on in the 2nd half for the win.
*MASTERS v Glory Days – Final Reg Season Match
Masters wins 5-1 behind goals from Lawson (a beautiful 40 yard chip over the keeper’s head), Moore, Brooks, Stom, and Wilson. The win seals our 6th consecutive regular season top spot and the first ever O30 Shield.
*LEGENDS v Lightning – Reg Season Match
Legends earns a 2-2 tie in a tight and hard-fought match. Meza scored a rocket of a goal in the first half, and Wolka put away a last minute PK (earned by Nolan) to seal the result and (very likely) an undefeated season. One more reg season match before playoffs.

NOTE: All teams, except Legends, have played 7 matches so far this season, and since Golden Boot Awards are given away to regular season goal leaders, this works out to an ideal stopping point for the award (7 games per team). We have two Legends guys on top heading into their 7th game in 2 weeks, which will decide who wins (or shares) the award.

Club Leaders
Wolka (Legends) – 6
Meza (Legends) – 6
Eissler (Masters) – 4
Lawson (Masters) – 4
Bernauer (Legends) – 4

Tied with 3:
Bravo (Premier) – 3
Marten (Premier) – 3
Hutchinson (Premier) – 3
Stamatis (Premier) – 3
Stom (Masters) – 3
Moore (Masters) – 3
Riggs (Masters) – 3

2|1 Goals
Pantaleon (United) – 2
Duey (United) – 2
Ruark (United) – 2
Lenoir-Legros (United) – 2
Harrison (Premier) – 2
Jones (Premier) – 2
Roybal (Premier) – 2
Miller (Premier) – 2
Gellman – (Premier) – 2
Cross (Masters) – 2
Wilson (Masters) – 2
Martorello (Legends) – 2
Harries (Legends) – 2
Sawada (Premier) – 1
Sanchez (United) – 1
Heimbach (United) – 1
Mazier (Masters) – 1
Bailey (Legends) – 1
Firebaugh (Masters) – 1
Anthony (Masters) – 1
Yarletts (Premier) – 1
Jordan (Premier) – 1
Imbrogno (Premier) – 1
Dewitt (Legends) – 1
Arberry (United) – 1
Brooks (Masters) – 1