Lamar US Open Cup Qualifying Round 1 Match Info

WHAT: Lamar US Open Cup Qualifying Match Round 1

This is the first round that amateur and semi professional teams start their Open Cup journey. This is a knockout style tournament where professional teams like the Colorado Springs Switchbacks and Colorado Rapids get automatically put in during the later rounds.


The match kicks off at 6:00PM at Englewood High School. Click here for directions to the stadium.


We play Indios FC, who we played last year in US Open Cup and won the match 2-0.


There will be a 10 dollar entry fee to get into the stadium.


For more information and any other general FAQs, go to the US Open Cup Event here!

Matchday #4: MASTERS v British Bulldogs – 04.17.11

Jason Tunderman makes the cross
Jason Tunderman makes the cross

Written By: Danny Morris (Special Thakns to Danny for writing his first article for the Green Army Blog)

Match Day #4: Sunday April 17, 2011 @ 3pm at Dicks Sporting Goods Park – Gametime Weather: Mid 60’s with constant wind throughout match.

The Masters came into Match Day 4 looking for a positive comeback after a disappointing result to a strong Colorado Sporting O-30’s team the previous week.  At 0-1-2 the team not only needed a strong performance on the field but a positive end result to get the season on track against a familiar British Bulldogs team.

As it has been all season the wind looked to be a factor all game and tested the patience of the Master’s to stick to a short passing possession game.  Last week the Masters lost the game in the midfield not showing enough fight to win possession of the ball and relying too much on the long ball between the defense and forwards.  This week started out much different with the Masters dictating the flow of play through the midfield and holding possession with short quick passes.  Rather than reacting to the play as had been seen in the first 3 match days the team was anticipating movement and working the ball into the offensive third as a unit.

The determining factor for a positive result was going to be how well the team could finish in the final third of the field.  Within the first 15 minutes it looked very promising for the Masters as Sean Parsons found great space in the midfield he took a run at goal and found Patrick O’Keefe outside on the right to burry a half volley in the side net and give the Masters a 1-0 lead.  It was a deserved early lead for the Master’s who were dominating the run of play and the defense was doing their job preventing any quality attack from the opposition.  A few minutes later however against the run of play the British Bulldogs were able to create a counter attack and level the score 1-1.  The Master’s continued to push for the go ahead goal in the first half continuing the quick play and possession they started the game with.  Lacking some composure in the final third the first half ended 1-1.

Danny Morris (Far Side) attacks the goal
Danny Morris (Far Side) attacks the goal

Coming into the second half the Master’s needed to continue the high tempo play that had given them success in the first 45 minutes to ensure a positive result.  Going against the wind for the second half the team seemed to come out a little on their heels letting the Bulldogs dictate play a little more.  Relying on the long ball the Bulldogs were able to get a lucky run through the defense on a questionable non-call for offsides and put the Masters down 1-2.

The possession and chances kept coming for the Masters but couldn’t convert the positive play into any goals.  The later the game got the team pushed harder for the equalizing and go ahead goal but none would come and the game ended 1-2.  An unfortunate result for the team looking to turn the season on a positive note.  A majority of the game the Master’s played some of their best soccer all season but couldn’t turn that into goals on the score sheet.

Result: Masters lose close match by a 1-2 to British Bulldogs and drop to 0-2-2 on the season.

Starting 11: Surber, Dearlove, Kiernan, Lonardo, Parsons, Tundermann, Joiner, Morris, O’Keefe, Honeker, Lujan

FCD Goals: O’Keefe (assisted Parsons) 13′

MOTM: Jim Dearlove gets the Man of the Match for a return from terrible injury on Match Day 2.  Dearlove was a rock in the defense with solid tackles and provided great ball winning ability on set pieces.  He helped give the defense some stability despite the two goals that were conceded against the run of play.